The preferred results language setting has no effect: results are ALWAYS in English

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Description of the issue: Choice of preferred result language is not working

Brave Version (check About Brave): 1.37.111

Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04

My operating system is an English version, because I use the computer often for programming, and translated programming stuff is most of the time just a pain: for me, English is “the language for programming and for computers”. Anyway, my real language is German, so installed also many softwares, including the Brave browser, in German. On top of that, I speak a number of other languages, and sometimes I would love to select for searches also the language! Certainly not the “region” or certain little language differences, like English (US) or English (UK), or German (DE) or German (CH) etc.

A nice thing about the Brave Search is that it offers such a facility with the settings! Ok, not many languages supported yet, but a good starting point.

The bad thing is however that it does not seem to work so far: I can choose whatever language I want, I always get all my results in English… The only workaround is to use something like,, site:*.fr etc, but I do not want countries or regions, but languages!

Now I hope that this very nice and useful feature will “ripen” during the Beta process and evolve into a real “killer feature” for the Brave Search!

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Thank you for letting us know about this. Let me see what I can find out — appreciate your pateince.

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I must already modify my statement a little bit! Looks like the behaviour is a bit more complicated:

My initial search that I tried was for an Indian movie: “Golmaal Again” - and ALL results were indeed in English. This was also my impression from earlier searches: Lots of English results, where German language results obviously exist in the internet.

Now I tested a bit more systematically, and I found out that there is still a certain “trend” towards German results recognizable, although many English results are often appearing, but it depends on what you are searching for.

If for example I search für “Zürich”, a city in the German speaking part of Switzerland, then I am getting also lots of results in German, actually almost everything on the appearing page.

Searching for “Alcollarin”, a little village in Spain, gives me specific information all in Spanish, probably because nothing else exists in the Internet. Plus some entries that are more ads, like “TripAdvisor” (in German), but that does not tell me anything specific.

A search for “Hollywood” gives me a mix of some more German and less English, probably because it is internationally well known, so some stuff exists in all languages, but most of it is certainly in English.

If now I suddenly switch to “shqip” and reload, I still get most of the results in German! Only a few explaining words, like names of months, are changed to Albanian.


  • First of all, the result depends a lot on how much stuff is indeed available in a specific language. So far so understandable!

  • The setting has some “lazyness”, ie: it has not an immediate effect - which is possibly also the reason why my switching to German had an effect only after some time. Maybe some caching either on the servers or within my browser??

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