When logging in to Gemini through the browser, says country not supported (UK)

Briefly describe your issue:
This has worked perfectly until now. Now I’ve gone to sign in to Gemini to link my account again, as I have to do basically every month, But this time I got the following error:

" Error: region currently not supported

Your Gemini account can’t be connected to your Brave Rewards profile at this time. Your Gemini account is registered in a country that’s not currently supported for connecting to Brave Rewards.

See the current list of supported regions and learn more about connecting a custodial account to Brave Rewards."

What Operating System and Brave version are you using (Menu --> About Brave)?
Android, and windows 10: Brave: 1.44.108

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)
Has been many times before using Gemini, but now NO

What date did you verify your wallet?
When it was first introduced with Uphold, and then When Gemini was first introduced also

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?
Yes - UK

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I signed up to Gemini from my IP in the UK, and used all of my legitimate photo ID to verify on the exchange. There has never been any issues, until now. I have actively received payments to both Gemini, and Uphold in the past, and transferred them into my actual crypto wallets

IP Address doesn’t matter. What matters if your passport or similar document used. What did you submit to Gemini and Uphold? Is your Passport and other information 100% from the UK?

  1. Connecting Brave Rewards with Gemini is no longer available in the UK. It’s now only available for Gemini accounts in the US, unfortunately. See more info here: Verifying with Gemini now only available for US Gemini accounts (Brave Rewards) However, this should not affect existing users. If you were already connected to Gemini, you won’t be disconnected.

  2. Are you currently in the “Logged out” state? If so, stay there, and do not press “Disconnect from Gemini”. Beginning of next week, we will be releasing a fix for existing users (like you) to be able to log in again.

Why remove a country to add it again the following week?

To clarify: it’s not being “added again”. That is, new users outside the US won’t be able to connect to Gemini if they’re currently not connected to Gemini (i.e., if they’re in the “unverified” state). However, users who were already connected to Gemini will be able to log in again and refresh their Gemini account’s access token, so that they can see their BAT balance (from their Gemini account) inside the Rewards UI.

Right now, there’s an issue that doesn’t allow existing users to log in again and refresh their access tokens. But we have a fix for it that we’ll deploy very early next week.

So it’s just a display thing and if you can’t transfer to tokens over or use them to tip, it’s a useless fix.

As stated in the original announcement, for existing users (including those outside the US), tokens will still get transferred over into their Gemini account. This is true even without the fix coming out early next week.

With this fix, existing users who are in a “Logged out” state will be able to log in again to (1) see their Gemini BAT balance in the Rewards UI, and (2) be able to use that balance to tip.

So, it’s the opposite of a useless fix.

It’s interesting this feature request was denied for Uphold.

Noting: This fix will also apply to users who are in a “Logged out” state with Uphold in their Brave Rewards UI.

I will wait for this to be live to believe it, given your shady track record about upcoming exchanges features.
While you’re at it, maybe give better info to users.

You’ll have to open an Uphold account and go through the whole verify rigmarole again. I’ve not moved my Bat from Gemini yet hoping the rules changes from US only so keeping my eye on that but all I can say it was distressing to suddenly find out on my own without getting any email or notifications from Gemini themselves that they’ll be changing their allowed countries to US only.

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