Problem verifying Gemini acc on Brave browser

I live in Canada (one of the countries approved) and when I installed Brave for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I decided to set up the Gemini wallet sync so I could earn the Brave Rewards. On my desktop PC, I signed up for everything and clicked the verify button and it gave me the error that my region is currently not supported (which is it). I immediately tried again and it worked, although, when I went to do the same with my laptop, the syncing of the browsers had no issue, when I try to verify my Gemini account to my Brave rewards on my laptop’s Brave browser it gives me that error about my region not being one of the supported countries even though I do reside in an approved country, I downloaded and synced my browsers in the same residence, under the same wifi, so I’m quite confused as to why its still causing this error. hope someone can help, thanks!!

Your region is not supported, you are in Canada and at the moment only USA citizens are allowed to link new browsers with Gemini.

That’s obviously not true if I did it already.

Well. New Rewards profiles can’t be connected to Gemini until you’re living in the US. If you had connected to Gemini prior to the region unsupported issue, then it allows you to reconnect.

Im having the exact same issue now too, from the UK. Got a new PC and saying my region isnt supported when trying to link my Gemini account to it…

New Rewards profile still can’t connect to Gemini.

kinda annoying, wish they’d make it so i could log into my previous ‘profile’

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