When in fullscreen on m1 macs, moving the mouse to the top moves the whole browser very annoyingly

When in fullscreen, moving the mouse to the top moves the whole browser very annoyingly

Happens on the macbooks with a notch for the webcam

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Hello @iosifv

Thank you for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Brave. Could you kindly go to “zoom display” option in system preferences > accessibility > zoom and turn that option off.

If you continue with the issue, please let us know!

Thanks for your reply!
Is this what you mean?

Can you show us where that is pls?

Well, I guess this is the best time to switch to Firefox.

@iosifv This isn’t a Brave thing, this is a Mac thing. I’m disappointed you don’t have a clue and just blaming it on Brave.

It’s literally your Mac’s menu bar appearing which is causing the change. This is because your hidden Menu is being pulled down, which then forces the window to adjust.

Thank you.
It’s interesting that firefox and safari don’t have this “mac thing” issue. Neither do other apps like spotify, vscode, iTerm2, Notion, InteliJ, TablePlus and so on. They simply overlay the menu, whithout shifting the entire space down by 50 pixels in the most annoying way.

Without having a clue I could just observe that this “mac thing” was present only on Brave Browser.
Thank you for your answer, unfortunately in the 3 weeks of waiting for help, I switched to Firefox.
Happy new year! :slight_smile:

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Well, been on many videos and forums throughout the years. Such as you’ll see in the videos below during their tutorials that the windows pulled down as you mentioned happening.

And many others. I’ve seen it come up in conversations a lot. So not sure what to tell you. Guess have fun with Firefox.

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