Mac menu bar pushes down whole browser while in full-screen mode

Hey, I have a small feature request that would be monumental for me. I’m on a Mac, and when I full-screen the Brave application, the Mac menu bar on top disappears. However, if I hover my mouse to the top, the bar comes back down. The problem is that the bar coming back down forces a resize of the whole browser. Since I’m switching tabs from the top, a small overshoot can resize the whole browser which can be annoying to the eyes and slow if I’m on Youtube (and the video has to be resized)

I noticed that Vivaldi and Firefox don’t resize the browser when I overshoot the tabs: rather the top bar just hides the tab bar. It’s not a perfect fix, but it’s a lot less visually annoying.

Hello Brave Team. Is there any update regarding this? Would love you fix this. It is highly annoying. This just happens only in chromium based browsers and not on Firefox or Safari. Just this issue is keeping me from switching to brave for long.

Please fix this highly annoying animation.