Restore Multiple Windows Upon Startup

I really like the new 1.0 beta. Chrome extension support, particularly that of uBlock Origin has made me ALMOST ready to make the switch over to Brave as my full time browser. There’s just one sticking point that is still holding me back.

I have 2 browser windows open at all times, with many tabs open in each. It’s important that I am able to restore both windows after a reboot, or if if my browser needs to close for some other reason. I noticed now in the settings, in the “On startup” section, there is an option for “continue where you left off”. I thought this might accomplish my desired behavior in terms of restoring multiple windows upon closure and startup, but it seems to still only restore one window. Is there another setting somewhere that I can use to get Brave to restore multiple windows? If not, is this something that could possible be added in the future. I basically want it to work the way Firefox now does.

Thanks for reaching out @DaveySCM,

It should working with that setting, IMHO. Then likely it’s a bug or something else. :sweat_smile:

Also cc @Mattches for additional help.

Thanks, I think you’re right. I tested it again today and both of my windows and all me tabs were fully restored. Maybe it was just a bug, but it’s probably more likely that I did something dumb to cause it not to work as I expected.

Brave 1.0 seems to be a very fine piece of software!


Thanks for the kind words!
If you notice that this continues to happen be sure to let us know!

@DaveySCM if you have multiple windows, then you need to click Exit button from app menu (three dots) only then it will restore all windows when you launch again. If you close the browser window by clicking on the X button it will close that window at the moment and will retain the other window. If you relaunch you will only get the second window that was closed and you need to relaunch the other window from history(if its still available).

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