I don't see "Claim your ad earnings now!" button. BATs are not transferred to wallet

These last 2 months I have not received the rewards, although I get 0.25 BAT to uphold (in their respective month), I do not see the button “Claim your ad earnings now!” in none of the past 2 months.
Any idea why the “Claim your ad earnings now!” button?
Why are the “Estimated Pending Rewards” BATs not being transferred?

any help will be well received, thank you very much

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I saw you’ve a verified wallet (connected to Uphold). That mean you’ll not see a prompt to claim it as it’ll automatically send to your Uphold.


It took me 4 days to arrive and I despaired a bit, all good, thanks for the answers.

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Glad to know you received yours. :heart:
Closing this thread for now.