Built in VPN for additional Privacy/Security

My hunch is that a built-in VPN would help most individuals who don’t have a standalone VPN running on their phones & computers. Would this be something the Brave team is looking into implementing?

Maybe a collaboration with Cloudflare’s Warp could make sense to make sure speed is not being compromised.


Hi, you want the Brave developers to make an integrated VPN in the browser accessible to everyone?

Do you want to cover the VPN costs?

Hi, you want the Brave developers to make an integrated VPN in the browser accessible to everyone?
Do you want to cover the VPN costs?

If they create their own VPN, then I would certainly be willing to pay for that. If, as I mentioned, they can collaborate with CloudFlare then then there could be a free tier without CloudFlare’s Warp option and a paid tier with the Warp option.

Yeah, and not everybody sees it that way. Let’s assume Brave has an integrated VPN, but only 20% use it, because otherwise there are other providers who are preferred by the other 80% (I e.g. with the VPN Hide.me). Don’t you think it would be smarter to install your own VPN independently of Brave?

I can see your numbers holding up as long as Brave is a niche browser but as it grows and gets used by less technologically nuanced individuals, I would say that the majority of individuals would gain more benefits from having a VPN option backed in. For advanced users, who don’t want to use what they offer, should still be able to disable the default and go with their VPN of their choice.

Hmm. This extension would suffice, wouldn’t it? And if your suggestion would be accepted, you could have this extension installed automatically with Brave (as far as that goes).

But then there are the people who wouldn’t like it at all (see Firefox not too long ago).

I don’t want to sell the VPN Hide.me to anyone here. I just don’t know any other VPN provider that offers the same as Hide.me proxy.

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We can do a lot with extensions and there are many choices to add a browser based VPN. I would not recommend Brave to add a third party extension to their browser. So far their track record shows that they back in features that are privacy/security oriented such as ad, cookie, script blocking. They could have made an extension themselves or used a third-party blocker but they didn’t. Any potential VPN plans should follow along the same lines.

Of course until they do, I recommend using extensions to get certain jobs done, such as a full-fledged password manager like LastPass instead of the built in manager.

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