Tor > Vpn > Website

Many websites block Tor, but I love the anonymity it provides so I was thinking that for websites that block Tor, brave can funnel Tor through a Vpn and use the Vpn as an exit node, this would get around tor blocks for websites and the vpn wouldn’t have any information on where the user came from.

On the Tor Wiki the tor project says this will bottleneck traffic, but if brave vpn changes the server for every website, that will prevent this

The wiki also says a virtualbox is required, but I’m not sure exactly how all this works, I hope that’s not the case and this is simpler than forcing a user to run a virtualbox

Let me know your thoughts on this, I’m very wary of vpns, and even though it would be slow, the privacy and anonymity would be unmatched by anything else

Maybe brave can build or implement another onion network like lokinet or build their own

Hey. I haven’t used Tor functionality and haven’t used a VPN in over 10 years. So keep in mind as I’m about to say/ask what I am, that’s where it’s coming from (which is a bit of ignorance and lack of knowledge). But have you tried running VPN and Brave with Tor together yet? From my limited understanding, it should work exactly as you’ve mentioned.

Guess I’m just wanting to understand if you’ve ran Tor and VPN together and are then posting because it had issues. Or if you’re more or less posting a theory and hadn’t tested yet?

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I’m running ProtonVpn on MacOS and Tor on Brave, but it seems that the Vpn is connecting first and my traffic is leaving through Tor

I checked and it noticed I was on Tor

Thank you for the help though, I’d be curious to see if this is possible since it would be nice to have a more seamless Tor experience

@Duckdog thanks for that info. I just wanted to verify. I’m going to tag @Mattches in on it and hope he might be able to swing by with some ideas. I may try to tag in @GuardianTeam as well in case any of them can swing by.

I cannot speak to ProtonVPN but some VPN services (including Brave’s) work just fine with Tor connectivity and you should be getting the security from both.