When Brave crashes, it loses my history!

Either due to the fact I’m a bit of a tab junkie, or because brave is a bit unstable, or both, Brave inevitably crashes.
However, when it does, it drops big gaps in my history, and does not reliably restore my tabs.

It just crashed then, and every day between Tuesday and Saturday (this morning) has been lost -
Only “Tuesday” and “Saturday” appear in the history.
none of the tabs I knew I had open – have been opening throughout the week – are visible in history or recorded anywhere.

This is very frustrating to me – as I am doing a lot of research on various things, and all these interesting links I had opened to look into from the time spent on research are no longer recorded anywhere and are lost to me. VERY frustrating.

I am currently trialling brave as an alternative to firefox or chrome,
and while there are many things I like, this is almost a deal breaker -
I NEVER have this trouble with FF or chrome.
That’s my beef.

I am using Brave 1.21.76 on Ubuntu Studio 18.04
Any suggestions, fixes, alternatives would be very welcome.


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