History only available for past two days

Dear Sirs and Madams,
as I installed brave a couple of months ago I was very delighted as it was much than than chrome or firefox in my opinion. As I opened many tabs lately brave crashed a few times and unfortunately didnt restore all tabs. Well, if you can look it up in the history it shouldnt be any problem, its only very time consuming.
Today it crashed again and I looked up the history but your browser only let me go back for the past two days although Im using brave already since February 2020.
How can it be when I scroll down the history that it bounces back to today all of a sudden after I tried to recall the past two days?
For some advice I d be grateful and I hope I can go back and look up my whole history but as Im contacting you now shows that I didnt manage to do that.

Kind regards

Oliver Freesemann

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