Web.whatsapp.com qr code not read

When I open web.whatsapp.com, the QR code is shown but is not picked up by my android mobile device within the whatsapp app. When I do the same in firefox, I am being logged in all right.

Very strange! Can you try disabling Shields for that site (as well as any extensions you’re running) and try again?

I just tested myself and managed to scan the QR code fine with my mobile device.

I created my account freshly to say the same thing. It has been recently that the QR Code of Whatsapp (WA) is not working like 2 saturdays ago.
I am using Whatsapp version 2.20.157 and I updated my Brave browser to version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build).
The QR code is displayed on the browser, but WA does not read it.
I disabled the B shield and the same. I am using 3 PC and they are not working.
I needed to install again Chrome and it works immediately.
I suspect that WA is blocking Brave. Also many Youtube ads appeared on almost the same date, I needed to add uOrigin Blocker for the first time in Brave and problem solved. No other extension at all. I try to keep my Brave as clean as possible.
For some reason, previous connections between WA and Brave are still working. In some PCs were disconnected/expired automatically, and if you log out from all browsers you cannot connect again with the QR code.
Please, help!

Hello, if possibly you are using dark theme for your brave browser, try to change it.
Might also be the cause.


Thank you. That solved my problem. I activated the Dark Mode Theme.


Thanks, this solved it. After setting dark mode to default in stead of enabled I can now scan the WhatsApp web QR code.