What's the real amount of money I have?

Have you passed the KYC at your uphold wallet?

@rolak No because I don’t know what is that, I don’t know what you mean with “KYC”

KYC = Know Your Customer. Go to your uphold account and verify yourself (do the KYC). After this all the BAT will go there and you can withdraw those.

We have some documentation on our Help Center explaining this:

But my uphold it’s already verified with my ID, why I can’t still send the money to uphold?

But uphold already have my ID, my uphold wallet is already verified

When did you verified your uphold account? How much time before today?

My uphold it’s verified since three years ago, and still no money from brave

I see that you have withdrew BAT from uphold. From where came these BAT-s?

My brother donated me his bats, because just like me, he don’t know how to use brave, so I received the money and then I give him in cash

The 38.00 BAT will be paid to your Uphold account on the 8th of March. You cannot manually activate a withdrawal from creators.brave.com into your Uphold account. Your pending BAT in creators.brave.com will be paid into your Uphold account on the 8th.

In your Uphold account, your various BAT cards show 0.00 (for Twitter, YouTube, etc. accounts). Under it, it shows that you were sending BAT from those cards out to another account last month. image

It looks like you probably sent 100% of the BAT you earned to somewhere else, so it is normal it is reading 0.0 inside Uphold.

Your 2.7 BAT in the browser on Android currently has nothing to do with your BAT as a creator.

As a Brave browser user on Android: You have 2.7 BAT.

As a creators.brave.com creator: You have 38.00 BAT pending, which will be paid to your Uphold account on the 8th of March.

Inside Uphold: You have 0.0 in your various cards at this time. On March 8th, you will have 38.00 BAT.

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But my statement indicates that I have 114 bats, why? I will receive that money?

I need somebody please tell me what is “statement” and how can I have that money in uphold? As you can see my wallet is empty, please help

So, @GABRIELPLCS, I just merged your other post to make it easier to manage.

In other words, statements is like past transaction history. It contain information about how many BAT that you received previous month.

You can’t “have that money in uphold” because it’s already deposited to your Uphold account.

In your Uphold account, if you look for history/activity for January/February, you’ll see something like “Received BAT from Uphold member”. It should be available under your channel cards.

You can calculate that and you should see a total of 114 BAT or 71.32 USD.

And in the next payout, you’ll see “Received BAT from Brave Software” for the ± 38 BAT on your creator account.

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But that’s impossible because in the past month I never received that amount of bats, in the past month I only received a few bats that my brother donated me (and that was only because he doesn’t know how to use uphold)

@GABRIELPLCS no need to spamming this site with your issue. Thanks!

Then maybe there’s an issue with it. @chriscat @asad @steeven @Mattches can you help to take a look on this case?


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The inconsistency/confusion surrounding your BAT may be caused by one of the following issues we recently noted some users seeing in Rewards:

I don’t understand how is related.

Brave indicates that I had received 114 bats in February but that’s a lie.

So according to that post, it was a mistake from Brave, and I’ll never get that?

Hey @GABRIELPLCS, just catching up on this, happy to help you out.

1 - I see that you are Uphold verified. You’re good to go on all things KYC, so that’s probably not the issue here.
2 - The 114 BAT in your screenshot is BAT that has already been paid out to you. You won’t be paid this BAT out a second time. Can you verify your Uphold transaction history to make sure that you got the BAT? Do you have multiple Uphold accounts? You may have gotten paid out to a different one than the one you’re currently signed into. There are a number of reasons you may have not been paid out in full. Take a look at this thread here – Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts.

It’s likely that any BAT you missed this payout will be paid out to you in April. :slight_smile: Closing this thread for now. If you have more Q’s, send me a direct message. If you’re still having issues being paid out in April, let us know!