What on earth have you done?

The latest update has made brave an unusable mess. Flash no longer works, everything is creepishly google looking, your help tool tips literally link to google pages and every single tab has become a google chrome clone.

If you have given up on being an independent browser and are reverting to being exactly what google tells you tb be then i am done with you.

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It has been switched to chromium, not everything is immediately as the Brave developers wanted it to be. Brave is in work, point



they’ve done great job!!! brave should be as similar to chrome as possible!!! otherwise 60% of internet users will never adopt it !


Yes - what a mess. I rolled back my Linux-installed brave a few weeks ago when this disaster was first introduced, and now it has auto-upgraded and trashed all of my settings again. I may be done with Brave, at least on Linux.

“brave should be as similar to chrome as possible!!!”

This user cannot be trusted, Chrome is simply google spyware/bloatware.

All advocates of the google internet empire are enemies of freedom and must be ignored.

Don’t jump to conclusions. Chromimum is not Chrome and similarly Brave is not Chrome either. Please read this thread to understand the differences.

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It would be nice if you give details as to what happened rather than just giving up. We can definitely help on resolving the issue

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Im currently reading through your linked thread, once i have a better grasp of whats happened i will comment further.

Initial problems i have at the moment;

In order of functional to petty;

Functional, First the addition of unnecessary bloatware i cant remove, If there is to be any brave rewards, let it be a plugin, If i don’t want something on my computer, installing it without my direct and explicit permission is the quickest way to make me throw a molotov through your window.

Next, the breaking of adobe flash, I have not started diagnosing this well yet as i have not had the time spare. I have found a vast number of government websites no longer work post update, even with current flash installed.

Petty, You seem to have adopted the regressive artistic layout of tablets and Microsoft soft edges.
This is endlessly enraging, not having any defined items within the screen is the entire reason i dumped modern windows. (win 98 for the win baby).

It is an extension. This issue might help clear up some confusion/questions https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/2975 and https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/1475

Regarding Flash, Would need more details on the browser version/OS details to give any kind of support. And just a note that Adobe itself is giving up on Flash soon so its just too much over head work to provide full support for something that is being discontinued by creator and something that is a huge security risk. There is only best possible support provided for flash but we don’t support it out of the box.

Would be great if you give some screenshots/references. Visual feedback is easier to understand design related issues rather than just a note.

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Re: Flash, ahh I was unaware. Is there a known work around to force flash enabled content to work?
It is very difficult to work while a significant amount of resources i need are dead flash trash.

Im literally reduced to working out of .txt transcripts until i jerry-rig something to return functionality.

As far as version/OS goes, Its simply Win 98 simulating an isolated(except web obviously) win 7, burnt and re-installed on shutdown.

Brave is Version 0.58.21 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Flash is

I will see if i can find a suitable skin as an example

It seems that even with all the shields disabled i still cant run flash.

I see you are on Windows 7. Try installing the PPAPI flash. You can follow these steps

  1. Visit https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/
  2. Select Windows 7
  3. Select the option which contains PPAPI
  4. Install flash
  5. Close browser and restart (would be better to restart the machine once just to be extra sure)
  6. Once you have installed, visit the site which has flash content (not the adobe site)
  7. You will see a puzzle icon in URL bar next to shields asking you to run the content
  8. Click on that and allow flash to run
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