What is your monthly bat earning record

4 more days to next month but 3.250

This. That was June 2021 Payout from my PC

Now this month aint that great

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I am at 1230 ads with 9.057 BAT, but I live in US and it depends on your region what ads you get.


what is your region?

I believe the following was my best month

Feb 06, 2020
Received BAT 79.65000 BAT

However I haven’t seen anything of significance since JUNE 2020.
(some months I received .25, but even that was sporadic.

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dude are you serius? where are you from? im from turkey and max 0,005 per click. sometimes 0,002-0,001. so sad

i am from India , receiving not many ads, please suggest

Serious as a heart attack. But the thing is, they’ve stopped & I can not get any answers. Oh and it is Canada.

That’s was the good old times when bat was like a few cents.
Sadly I didn’t know brave existed back then. Started using it December 2020 or so.

Priestess maniacally clicking the homepage button all day.

I am in Germany. There aren’t that many campaigns active this month sadly.0

how much earn bat per click

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