What is happening to Brave Rewards: No payouts since March 8th

I’m a Brave Browser user, I support the projetc, I bought BATs on Binance, I study the project, I introduced some friends to Bave and It’s been very frustrating.

My UpHold account is veryfied (with a lot of documents). My Creators profile and Youtube Channels are already veridifed.

I have a lot of BATs on my account that was schedule to be pay on March 8th. But since March 9th my account is suspended and no payments where made on my UpHold account.

The Brave project suposed to be a platform where you pay/Support

ANY content creator with ANY amount of Tokens/Payments, and since your “automated system” detected suspicious activities, a lot of creators did not get the payout.

You know what it seems?

It seems that Brave is no descentralized.

It seens that UpHold get a lot of tokens on every payment.

It seens YOU control WHO deserves to pay what.

No matter if I have a small youtube channel, ou evern a small website. You will chose who deserves to get the payout.

So, let me ask you:

  1. What if I add a whole Ethereum or even a BTC and send to my girlfriend’s YouTube channel? Are you going to suspend her account due to “suspicious activities”?

  2. Who will get her funds?

Brave is no more about freedom.

You are doind the same thing Youtube/Google does.

I hope you respect the community, and I still waiting my payout.


Good argument You should post this on reddit,and medium


I already post on reddit.
Please, leave a comment and share.

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BlockquoteI may have sounded harsh, but if Brave/BAT wants to succeed, it needs to adhere to its core philosophy. At its current state, it is centralized and managed inefficiently.

That is the idea. They can not promises a better solution than the current model (google/youtube) and do the same.
Even Twitch can garantee any amount of tips.

I’ve sent all these questions to "support+publishers@basicattentiontoken.org" and until now they don’t answer me.

I still waiting my payout.

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How often do payouts usually happen?

Brave Creator’s payout are schedule to every 8th day of the month.
We should have get the payout on March 8th.

Ok thanks for the info. Hopefully they will get you sorted out soon.

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I have the same issue.
My account was suspended more than two weeks ago.
Till that day, there is no help from the Brave team.
I hope that they will read my concern. @Asad my request 7662


Has anyone received their BAT (or some kind of update) since this thread was created… I have also got nothing for March…

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Nothing yet. I’m still waiting a reply.

hi i have 145 bat in brave account but i dont reccive any token im myuphold accont . what i should do ?
i done kyc in uphold and verifyed in there .

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Nothing to do, just wait may to get contributions!

I also didn’t receive any rewards in March. BUT they took the contributions!!
I get the notifications and I open the ads e see them but in the end of the month, no rewards were given.