Brave Rewards Pending Almost 2 years now

Hello guys, I’ve been a loyal and long time member of the brave community for a while and since I came to know about Brave, it has been the only browser I’ve been using since. I’m being owed over 2,000 BAT which I made legitimately but no one has listened to me. I had three source of BAT earnings when I became a BAT publisher and one of them was from my YouTube channel and another popular source was my ICO website (now extinct) because then, cryptocurrencies was the trend so I got lots of BAT and I guess the Brave team didn’t like that so they flagged my account. I sent them proof of earnings of which @Asad still has including my YouTube channel analytics which showed I actually had traffic but they refused to pay me my money. I’ll attach screenshots here

Hi @iznai, thanks for reporting. Can you DM me the email linked to your account? I can take a closer look with that.

@steeven you promised my account will be reviewed last week till now no response about my suspended BAT.

That’s my email

@Daddy_yo, your account will be reviewed before end of the month in the order that it was received. Thank you.

Okay, I have done that

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