Connected Zebpay Wallet in my Mobile and PC but only got few BATs

I got some BATs almost like more than 150 BATs in my brave browsers. I have been using all the three browsers in both my computer and my mobile for a long time and managed to collect almost 30 BATs each in all the browsers after using them all these time. I kept it all since Brave stopped supporting India and I kept using brave. Then Zebpay came in and connected all my mobile browsers and computer browsers with Zebpay. But only the one browser that was connected to uphold since the beginning of time, i kept receiving the tokens in that particular browser, and all the other browsers including the ones in my mobile and two browsers in PC, stayed same. After I connected all these other 5 browsers(which was holding all my 150 BATs almost) to Zebpay, the balance immediately disappeared and there was a message that I am going to receive it within November 8. But it’s 16 November now and it says the payment is completed and I only received 3 BATs don’t know from which browser I got it. In PC, I am using windows 11, all my brave browsers are up to date. I have a nokia 5.1 plus android phone and the browsers are also updated to the newest one. I don’t know what to do. If required, I am ready to give more info. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Hello, could you submit your issue here?

We will take a look. Thanks!

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