Important: How the BAT Delisting on Gemini (Canada) Impacts Brave Rewards users and Creators in Canada

If you’re a Canadian Brave Rewards user or creator connected to Gemini, you should have received an email from Gemini about BAT in your Gemini account (screenshot below). We’d like to share some information about how these changes may affect Brave Rewards users and creators in Canada:

  1. We are in contact with Gemini’s team to determine whether Brave Rewards users and creators in Canada can continue to receive BAT using their Gemini accounts. If not, we will confirm in future notices whether your Gemini account will have to be disconnected from your Brave Rewards profile or Brave Creators account.

  2. While the above is being confirmed, please note that there may be disruptions to BAT payouts to your Gemini account. For example, BAT deposits we try to make to your Gemini account may fail.

  3. As stated in Gemini’s email, any BAT balances you have will be sold for USD or CAD by Gemini on September 27, 2023. Given that the Brave Rewards balance in the Brave Rewards interface is a reflection of the BAT balance in your Gemini account, we expect that your Brave Rewards balance will display 0.00 BAT after this occurs.

Thank you for your understanding, and we will keep you updated.

—Brave Team

Screenshot of email from Gemini to users in Canada who have BAT:

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Update (2023/11/15)

Gemini accounts from Canada :canada: will be automatically disconnected from Brave Rewards. This means:

  1. If your Gemini account is registered in Canada and connected to Brave Rewards, your Gemini account will be automatically disconnected from your Brave Rewards profile.

  2. You will no longer be eligible to earn BAT, unless and until you connect another account (from another provider, such as Uphold) to your Brave Rewards profile. :warning: You will no longer receive BAT payouts to your Gemini account, as Gemini no longer supports BAT for Canadians.

  3. You will no longer see a connection to your Gemini account in the Brave Rewards interface. Brave Rewards will look like it did before you ever connected a Gemini account.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

—Brave Team

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