Hi there How do we Get BAT whilst using this new browser option

Any info would be great & can you please add which wallet to use?

Hi! Happy to see you using Brave.

Right now, the part of the platform where users can earn BAT for seeing advertisements is still only in early testing for Brave Early Access users (who applied to test).

The wallet wherein your earned BAT tokens will accrue will be built into the browser itself. Eventually, when you earn and the BAT lands in there, you will have the option to transfer it into your own wallet. Any ERC20-compatible wallet will work (any Ethereum address can receive BAT).

You may find my comments below from another post helpful too:

  1. Users can receive BAT tokens right now via the ongoing BAT giveaway promotions. You can click into your Brave Payments and click “claim free tokens” every month. $500K USD worth of BAT is being given away each month. (Note: This promotional/giveaway BAT can primarily only be used to donate via Brave Payments to your favorite websites and creators.)

  2. Publishers can earn BAT right now via the (1) Brave referral program (brave.com/refer), and (2) contributions from users via Brave Payments. To signup as a publisher, go to publishers.basicattentiontoken.org; it only takes a minute.

  3. Once public user ad trials begin, users will be able to earn BAT tokens for seeing advertisements. Once the full ads platform is released, you will earn real ad revenue share in BAT tokens for seeing advertisements. In other words, users being able to earn for viewing advertisements is coming soon, but has not yet been fully released!

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