What to do with these BATs?

I’m a new user of Brave and I want to know what goods can PURCHASE AND IF NOT SO WHAT ELSE CAN I DO WITH THESE THINGS???

there are partner programs for buying giftcards with BAT (TAP Rewards), or you can exchange them for cash or other crypto using one of the custodian options, either uphold or gemini. most importantly, you can use them to tip brave verified creators from inside brave browser.

No, but I don’t really understand what good they do to us…Really…I can’t even Earn a single BAT today which is my first day

it averages around 0.005 - 0.01 BAT per ad. I get around 3 BAT for one browser instance per month. My tablet currently shows 519 ad received this month and 3.116 estimated BAT earned.

That all depends on things like location, available ad campaigns, time of day, etc.


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