Disabling Suggestions

UPDATE: I found a solution that may work for me brave://settings/privacy > Clear browsing data > On Exit > Autofill form data > Check the box On > Save

This has indeed disabled those suggestions I complained about. This also disables, for example, suggested addresses I got when writing an e-mail., and other similar form data. This works for me, but consider whether it does for you before doing it!

Is there a way to remove suggestions from text boxes? This is not related to the address bar, or to specific websites’ suggestion systems, but to Brave suggestions.


I am using my school’s webmail website to write an e-mail. When inputting the subject, I get a suggestion list with subjects I have used in previous emails.

I am using a library website. When I want to search for a book on the library catalog search box, I get a suggestion menu with queries I have previously searched.

Is there a way to blanket remove these kinds of suggestions? I have looked around settings, but don’t know whether it’s possible.

Thank you.

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Hello there @herwegh try going to brave://settings/privacy > Autocomplete searches and URLs > toggle it off to see if your searches no longer display on that page.

Let me know if that works.

Thank you, but unfortunately not. It was already off.

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Does the previous search you made on that page deletes with those steps you provided?

Yes, they did disappear.

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@herwegh glad to know you were able to solve it. Should you have other concerns, please let me know or create a new community post

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