What are all the fees as a creator?

I am wondering what are all the fees we have to deal with as a creator?

I am noticing I got tipped 10 Bat on my brave browser verified creator page… and it took .5 bat? thats 5% Its worse if that is a fixed fee! Imagine someone sending you 1 BAT and you only get .5 BAT in return. that seems odd.

Is that fee variable?

Also I have heard conflicting stories about fees to transfer your BAT from your monthly earnings into the uphold wallet? That, that action takes 1-10 BAT depending on size. And then I have seen thatUphold charges anywhere from a 3 BAT to 25 BAT FIXED FEE for transferring coins off the uphold wallet and into your own personal wallet.

Can someone confirm these numbers and point me to any resources that may inform me. IDKY it just seems like a lot of little dings, hits, and fees that at the end of the day is about the same charge of Visa or Mastercard processing. (If the most extreme cases are true)

Just trying to get some clarity.

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Yes. There’s 5% fee for each contribution. https://brave.com/faq/#brave-fee

If you get get tipped 1 BAT, you’ll get 0.95 BAT, not 0.5 BAT :sweat_smile:

BAT fee waived. https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/206118653-Costs-and-Limits?mobile_site=true

@eljuno Thanks for the info. Yeah it seemed…not right. I have heard a lot of conflicting info on it, so its nice to have accurate information.

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