I don't understand how this works

Ok so I have the Brave browser that will display ads x number of times and for that the reward is bat that added to a linked uphold account… it has accumulated to a nice 11 something BATs…

So far so good , easy to understand.

The hard part to understand comes here… and I may not be alone to not get it.

I also am contributing 1 BAT to my own creator page (www.managersim.net) and I know others are contributing as well…

When I logged on to the creator account, it is stuck on 4.99 while the minimum payable is 5 BATS.

I personally alone must have contributed more than 5 BATS, and so have others on my creator page. What I don’t understand is how it comes it is “stuck” on 4.99 when the options to contribute are 1,5,10 bats on the page??

BR Berhan

There is something wrong somewhere.

I just made a tip to my own creator account and it is still stuck at 4.99 (as payable is 5) and I assume that will count on next update, but I had done this similar thing before the May update… what’s going on?

Does it even work?

So nothing I guess…

Is someone else having similar issues?

Can you please start a DM with me (@Mattches) and @steeven and provide the email you use to login to your Creator account so that we can take a closer look?

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