Is there any issue in Brave Tipping

Hi @steeven and @Mattches is there any issue happening with tipping system?

Lots of user Posted there tipping issue here and according to them all less amount is reaching to creator then actual amount and I have noticed same kind of problem. @Saoiray what’s your thoughts on this?

I have a creator account. Over time, I’ve noticed that the full amount doesn’t always transfer one month, but it usually does the next, depending on when you received the tips. For instance, at the end of the March I have 3 BAT in tips. Brave rewards day comes (7/8 April) and everyone gets their BAT. Someone tips 3 BAT to me, so now I have 6 BAT in my creator account. Creator payday comes and I get 3 BAT. The other 3 BAT gets carried over to the following month. Just throwing it out there in case something similar is happening to you.

Having said that I also checked my Brave and Uphold statements, because so far (touch wood) I’ve definitely not lost half my BAT in fees. Brave charge a 5% fee and Uphold also charge a minimal fee it seems:

BAT tipped for March: 6.25 BAT
BAT sent to Uphold by Brave after 5% fee: 5.94
BAT received into Uphold account: 5.93750.

Hi @Thrive Thanks for answering

but i have inquired about it by myself very well because everyone complains about the same
and I have faced the same problem I receive tips every month without any problem but this problem happening this month

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