What about paying content creators, May 2021?

How unfair that they have us with uncertainty. It’s been three days and we still haven’t received our donation payments for April. Solve!


Is it so difficult to check the latest updates/topics? Creator payment is about to start.

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Yesterday they said they would start paying and it is false.


It seems to be delayed.
More details below.

I’ve been waiting here as well. I messaged Steven. What’s up with this guys, has anyone received their rewards?

My April donations have not been paid to my Uphold wallet.

This is too annoying and I am outraged

Please @steeven ayúdame

There are many leaders to contact:


they been saying that thing since day 8th >:|

I’ve been waiting for the April creator’s payout (which itself was delayed since March), much less the May payout. DMs seem not to be helping at all.

Did you get the Creator payment of April now?
Coz I have not got the Creator payment for April till now.

Hey support of Brave Community or I guess Steven specifically, can we please have some kind of update on the creator rewards progress? Its been 5 days since you said they began processing. Thats a long time in the real world and even longer in the digital world. So to leave us hanging in the dark is brutal and we deserve better than this. Thank you for any new info you can give us.

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I waited until the weekend, but I have not been paid yet.
The wallet is “bitFlyer”.

payments for May have been made. some of them are still pending, and some couldn’t be processed and will be paid next month, but you can see in your creator account the amount you will receive next time. updates can be followed here: May 2021 Creators Payout - #7 by steeven

Where does it say that May payouts are completed? I dont see that anywhere on there. I see processing payments and thats it. So where are you getting May payouts were made? There are alot of people that haven’t been paid at all. So don’t spread gossip and opinion as fact unless you have proof and that link only says processing payments.

@panavzla please DM me the email linked to your Uphold. Thank you.