Content creator payment not received

Hello brave team, receive a cordial greeting from me I have a small problem since December 12/08/2020 my payment as a content Creator of the BRAVE Community was not canceled, I have already waited 5 months and my payment did not arrive. portfolio is 100% verified, please would like a Viable solution for this problem @steeven Thank you.

It already leaves a lot to think about the brave community because I have followed all the steps that Mr. @steeven asks to be able to raise the issue and there is nothing there is no solution DOES NOT ANSWER the DMs if they answer them, they say that they will send you a message to the email from the registered account, something that never arrives

They are not willing to give Payout anymore,its better to uninstall Brave. :neutral_face:

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It is true that it is a lack of awareness of the platform that you advertise to BRAVE and this does not reward you for your work, lack of respect for users, so little by little a SCAM page becomes

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It’s sad because Brave is such a good browser with the perks that you get from it, you cannot go wrong with it. But, yes; there is a lack of awareness in the community as you said.

I have been using Brave for 8 months now.

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Let’s say that the advantages are good but more the errors of the platform with the creators are more. Because the creator you advertise for free and they expect the platform to reward them, but there are more cases of content creators who do not pay them that, very sad.

I have been waiting for payment since December and until the sun today it does not arrive


@deiver3 please DM me the email linked to your account. I don’t see a DM. Thank you.

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