Websites are partially invisible but still work

On Brave desktop all of my open webpages and any new ones I open the content goes partially invisible. Images or icons may still appear sometimes but I can hover over the invisible content and still click on it but I cannot see it.

I can’t even look at Brave settings or see what version it is.

This all happened after I upgraded my CPU cooler. The rest of the computer seems fine though, just brave is playing up. I found a post on the brave forum with the exact same problem as me but it got closed with no solution.

I have tried restarting my PC, restarting Brave, clearing cache on websites. The only thing left is probably reinstalling brave.

If there is a fix can anyone help please?

I have the same issue since yesterday, nothing major happened and suddenly even this page is displaying wrongly, even though I can still hoover over and click on links. I have found a partial solution by deleting the GPUCache folder, this improves the display of pages but doesn’t fixed fully, though before Brave was unusable (all mostly not displaying, even brave settings)

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