While other browsers are working normally, brave browser freezes

While other browsers (firefox, chrome, microsoft) are working normally, brave browser does not enter the sites, turning round and finally gives the warning of not responding. I couldn’t solve the problem. I deleted the cookies and cleaned them. but it did not improve. can anyone help? It’s the first time I’ve been using it for 2 years.

What sites are you having problems with?

it doesn’t go anywhere. I can’t even get into brave settings. it comes in after a while. then it doesn’t come back in.


This is one of a few issues I’m dealing with as well. In this instance, the screen goes completely dark; there is no content but a dark window. It is not a specific site but happens at random moments. This is a software issue.

Another problem: The address bar is not showing what is being typed. As you enter text, it does not render in the address bar but only the dropdown menu, so it can be challenging to know what is being written.

Another problem: Certain websites don’t render content properly. On other browsers, images load as expected. But, on Brave, images are being cutoff, don’t show up, get replaced with weird colors (e.g., green/white lines), or glitch/reload upon moving the mouse.

These issues only began over the past couple of weeks (sometime in December 2022), so I’m assuming this is related to a recent release. Again, these issues cannot be recreated on other browsers, and common actions like deleting Brave, cookies, cache, etc. do not work.

Have you tried changing hardware acceleration settings?

finally i reinstalled bravi completely pavement. I was hoping it would fix it but the problem didn’t.

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