Website opening new tabs without asking

Is there a way to block a website from opening new tabs?
I’m using a website to stream a few box sets from, every few clicks, the website will open a new tab with a random advert and stop the steam.

I’ve tried blocking the website from creating new tabs in the Brave settings, but nothing seems to work.

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Go to brave://settings/content/popups and select dont allow.

Go to orange lion icon in top right hand corner and change adblocking from standard to aggressive or via brave://shields

If the problem still persists then brave team member will solve it within 24-48 hours.

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Did the above mentioned things still no joy …thnx for quick reply

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Yes, I am too seeing ads, pop-ups, redirections on dramacool site.

@fanboynz I have tagged brave team member, he will solve it.

Try this website in the meantime
It is a pretty good site.

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thnx for the site recommendation :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys

Many of these sites, full of popup ads, have developed their code to overpass ad-blockers.
This is but intention, and it is a continuously fight between ad-blockers and the sire developers. Every time an ad-blocker comes with a solution, the site developers come with a counter-solution.
This is the way those sites make money, and they will keep finding ways to overpass ad-blockers.

It is also a fact that several, if not many, of these popup ads are harmful.
Personally I try to avoid using any site that forces these popups, mainly streaming or download sites. I had my account of infected systems. No more risks to take.
Just thing about it, if they were legal they would not need to use these tricks. If they are illegal, they do not care about having harmful stuff in their pages.

Anyway, it is your device, it is your own decision.

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I’m boarding a plane, so this fix should help. Just manually add those lines into brave://adblock then save and refresh the sites above. Will recheck the site in 20hrs or so.

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