Stop websites opening advert tabs

Is there a way to block a website from opening new tabs?
I’m using a website to stream a few box sets from, every few clicks, the website will open a new tab with a random advert and stop the steam.

I’ve tried blocking the website from creating new tabs in the Brave settings, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out to us. These should be getting blocked anyway – can you provide the exact URL you’re seeing this behavior so that I can test on my end?

Also cc @fanboynz for more info.

I can… but it’s not exactly an entertainment approved website (No idea if it’s piracy shhh) :slight_smile:


Should help, give it 24-48hrs for the update to go through


Sorry, I don’t know what to do with this :confused:

No extra steps require from you @ArchonBeast. The fix implemented by @fanboynz will be available within 24-48hours. Then after that you can recheck if the issue still persist.


It worked :smiley: thank you!!!