We need to be able to add custom top sites

We need to be able to add custom top sites just like we can with chrome (using shortcuts)…this is really necessary and important because I have already used the bookmarks bar to bookmark some important sites for school thus I can not have other important sites (like google classroom, google meet on the bookmarks bar[I technically can but it would be through folders and extra bookmarks]) and so if I had the ability to just add custom top sites, I easily could’ve accessed those sites while also accessing my bookmarks. Another thing I would like to mention is that the logos of sites on the top sites tab appears to be really really low quality. It isn’t an issue on my end as I have gpu acceleration turned on, but it is a problem of the top sites widget as it enlarges the logo of the site too much, causing it to look low quality and blurry.


Yeah…i also need this feature…very usefulllll


Hi @Chickenoodlesoupfan, Welcome to Community!
Thanks for the feedback
We do have an open issue for adding more customisation.
I’ll add +1 to the issue on your behalf.


Yes, we need this feature, both to edit the top sites and also a bug fix to prevent pinned top sites from randomly vanishing.


Please add a +1 for me as well on this issue. I go to a site multiple times a day but it never shows up as a top site. A while back I was having an issue where I would pin a site and when I closed Brave and reopened it the sites were gone. I uninstalled and reinstalled Brave and that issue was taken care of. That may solve my problem for this too, but I don’t want to have to go to the trouble of of adding passwords etc again. Looking forward to more customization, thank you!

The ability to pin some sites - maybe four or five - to a new tab would be outstanding. You can keep the revolving door of frequently visited sites, but the ability to pin ones you use a lot, but maybe not often enough to make the top sites list, would be great. I’ve accidentally removed a top site and it will not reappear, no matter how often I use it. That would not be an issue if I could pin my own top sites. Please - this should be an easy thing to add - let us have some custom pins!


I would like to see this happen as well as more sites and/or pinned sites on the opening page. Trying to give up Firefox and I really miss having 3 rows of icons as that seems to be the magic number to keep my most used links visible.

Hello all,
The team is currently working on this. You can follow the issue here: