Wayland freezing


I have Chrome running in ubuntu 20.04 with Wayland.

From brave://flags/ Preferred Ozone platform is set to Wayland (or auto).

I have dual monitors, one with Fractional Scaling set to 150% the other is just 100%.

When I view/start Brave on the monitor with 150% its perfectly fine. However, if I move that Brave window to the monitor it will just freeze

If I change the other monitors scaling to any other value (i.e. not 100%, it is fine.

Tested in Chromium and the same issue

It seems that Brave/Chromium cannot handle moving windows on multiple monitors with different fractional scaling settings (i.e one on 100% and another on a different setting). This is only when running wayland

If I set the 100% monitor as the main monitor, brave will launch on that monitor fine. However again, as soon as I move that window to the 150% monitor, it will freeze

Not sure, sorry, I don’t have an identical setup to test with.

However I would suggest looking for others with similar on an Ubuntu forum, and also see if any of these looks like it might be the issue:


And if not, you can probably report it there.

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