Brave is blurry on Wayland (Linux) - regression


I just tried running Brave on Wayland, the display is 5K x 2K and scaling is 200%.

Brave appears blurry. I tried going into brave://flags and changed “Preferred Ozone platform” to “Auto” and restarted - no difference, still blurry. Tried “Wayland” as well, same thing, blurry.

I know this (Auto) worked before, last time I tried Wayland. Not sure when it broke, I have been using X11 until today, but it works just fine (crisp image, not blurred) in Chrome 120.0.6099.129 with the default setting which is Auto.

My Brave version is 1.61.109 (Chromium 120.0.6099.144)

Actually I take back what I said about Chrome appearing sharp.

It did right after installation, but after I tried changing Ozone Platform and restarting - it appears blurry with all of them, including Wayland and Auto.

I will file a bug at

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