Way to bypass sites that prevent adblock?

Using Brave 1.5.5 on Android 9, running on Samsung Galaxy S9. Overall I’ve been impressed with Brave and it’s ad-blocking but I’m noticing some video players/websites notice that an adblock is running and will not display content unless adblock is turned off.

Link to this spot is: https://9anime.to/watch/one-piece.ov8/rlmvv8p

I’m not sure if it’s associated with ad-blocking, but I’ve noticed that MyCloud player on the same site will say it can’t play due to an error. If I open it in Chrome, both players will let me access content but will display ads to do so.


I tried skimming through community here and wasn’t able to find anything addressing this, beyond people talking about installing Ublock Origin. Are there any tricks to it, is Brave not doing anything to combat these “anti-adblock” features, or what?

Cookies and fingerprinting will affect this site also (allow all cookies/fingerprinting) I’ve pushed out a fix for Anti-adblock fix (next 24-48hrs)

Awesome, I’ll keep an eye out for the fix. Thanks. I’ll make sure to update if any problems.

*note" Allowing for cookies and fingerprinting did not make a difference, if it is supposed to. I’m guessing you were just mentioning that for after the fix/update is implemented.

One of the mirrors (from the same link) wouldn’t play with allowing Cookies, atleast what I saw.

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