YouTube has blocked 'Brave' Browser using AdBlock

I recently switched to Brave, and found that it lived up to bypassing the YT Adblock. As of tonight, it’s now being blocked again unless I ‘go premium’ or disable the adblock. Has updated, which affects us also. Notified list authors.

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Thanks for the response… A little confused here still. Is there something I can do, or do I just need to wait? Is there some kind of ‘patch’, do I need to insert some script?

I’m still very confused here. I’m trying to review other listings for this… Is this supposed to be some kind of ‘auto-update’ thing? Is there something that I have to do? Is it a patch? Is it adding some kind of ‘script’, and if so, where? I see a link above, something about ‘ubo-bypass’ but when I click the link, it takes me to another page. I’m still very new to this Brave browser, and I have no clue as to what is going on here. I’d just like to watch YT, without the adds, or having to undo my Adblock.

Should be fixed now @vanderj2001 (may need to clear cookies/cache first)

Thanks again, I’m guessing that I didn’t/don’t quite understand how Brave works. I tried multiple things, and finally disabled ABP. YT started to work, but I waited for any ads. None showed up, so I’m guessing that Brave is a stand-alone product, where I thought it needed or used an Adblock program as part of it’s operation. So far, so good. Thanks again.

Yeah additional adblockers (and privacy extensions) will intefere with YT

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