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Description of the issue:

Suddenly noticed ads appearing where they shouldn’t. Even more interestingly is it’s happening on the page of a Brave verified publisher.

Exact URL of the website in question:

Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave

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Becoming BVP does not mean it should stop them from using/displaying ads. :relaxed:

The issue here is the ads that bypass the shield.

Tested on my end and I see no ads. With default shield settings. cc @fanboynz


Just to show, happened on the following site as well

I’ve toggled fingerprinting, regional ad blocking, and other things as well but none seem to make a difference. I’m not sure why the browser just suddenly became unable to block these ads where otherwise I’ve had no issues.

I know I’ve been told before I have to enable scripts, especially on 9anime. I did notice when I turn off scripts, those ads on go away but then I can’t watch videos because it blocks them from playing.

Essentially works same way on 9anime. I’m not sure what your default settings are and if you’ll be able to notice what difference. If it’s blocking on yours and not on mine, I’ll be curious what the difference.


It had me wondering what was going on, as ads were too much. Never happened before. I’m still not sure what caused it but I ended up force closing Brave and cleared cache. Upon doing that, the browser is yet again working as intended.

I’m guessing it was just malfunction somewhere that caused the Shield to stop working altogether. At least can share what resolved for me.


These anime sites are notorious for revolving adservers, may work now. But its something that needs to actively monitored.

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Are these 1st party CNAME ads? Just curious. I know protection for this is in the pipeline.


CNAME ads don’t exist right now, CNAME tracking is another issue (but also causes other issues if you block it)

No eta, but our CNAME issue report.

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Today I logged in to and it’s the first time the ads presented. Only means to get rid of them is to block scripts but, as previously mentioned, it blocks the videos too. I tried clearing out settings and browser cache but no luck. I really wouldn’t care except threads pop up during the videos even in full screen. They seem to be an overlay of ads on top of the ones in the pages.

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@MalaSuerte If you following these directions; It should resolve it

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