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So whenever i try to load up an anime site and watch an episode , there is an ad in between of it . Like for example the episode is of 24 mins , if i click the screen anywhere b/w this episode , i am directed to a random site . This normally happens after i have watched the episode for like 10-15 mins.

Exact URL of the website :-

This issue persists with the Block ads & trackers set to aggressive

Though , Brave blocks most of the popups and ads . If i turn the shields off , it is way more worse than shields on

There isnt any specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break

When i load up the site in chrome it is verrryy worse than brave

Brave version :- 1.43.94

BTW i’m on android 12. tested fine here @EB_0516 is there a specific page causing issues?

No , i would suggest that you watch a full episode of one piece , and click it in the middle way through , though I’ll click a screenshot whenever it happens again . It randomly redirects me to some sites

Some examples

Landing a fix, give it 24hrs. Will retest later.

Oh , please take all the time you need , i was just reporting a bug/ ( whatever that was ) . Thank you :slight_smile: :heart: :saluting_face:

@fanboynz i have a screen recording too , but i cant post it . It says ‘’ Sorry , new users cannot post attachments."

It will be automatically solved within 24 hours as the brave team member said. If it still does not solve then send me the video through DM and I will post it (if it is possible for new user)

It will probably be not needed as the issue will be likely solved in few hours

Okay , I’ll wait .

But i cant even DM you the video ::frowning:

Update :- I didnt face anything like this today , idk if it is the fix or just a coincidence

It is a fix. They changed some code (filter list) on their end, which made it do it.

Your problem is solved.

Oh , Thank you for letting me know :smiley:

Thanks Brave team , you took the action very fast . :smiley:

Whenever I have a problem with an app, I first delete it, then download a new one. This sometimes work.

Uhh , not helpful enough :frowning:

@fanboynz @chh_68 am still facing the issue with the same website ( One Punch Man , if you want the name ) …

Edit :- facing it with one piece too.

Try adding this to brave://adblock in the custom filters



Well , works fine for now :crossed_fingers: lets hope it works the same way in the future.

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