Want to enable reward ads again

A few days ago, I was getting annoyed with the Brave ads that were popping up at the bottom right of my screen, so when another one popped up, I permanently disabled them. However, I realized that these ads were the primary way I was earning BAT tokens, so I went to go back and re-enable them only to discover they were already enabled but nothing was popping up. Is there something else I have to do to re-enable them?

Windows 11, Brave version 1.58.124 64-bit

I’m using Uphold, but I doubt that will affect anything

I’m in a supported region within the United States

Any help would be greatly appreciated

How did you do that? Did you perhaps just turn off notifications on your OS? If so, go to your OS notification settings and look for permissions to Brave. That would be where you’d be able to toggle back on, assuming it’s as you mention elsewhere that you have them enabled in the browser.

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Hey there! I just turned on notifications again on my OS so I’ll let you know whether I start getting them again or not. Regardless, thank you for the help!

Quite literally 20 seconds after I wrote my last message I got a notification. Thank you so much! I’m all set.

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