Want to authorize another account to my uphold account

I’ve connected the maximum devices to my uphold account, and recently I’ve bought a new device which is now my primary device and I want to connect that device to my uphold account to receive rewards.

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Welcome @mellem :grinning:

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@mellem The error you’re seeing is something different. Currently being able to connect to Uphold has been paused for everyone and the device limit error is sometimes shown because of that. They are hoping to get it resolved this week. That said, even once that’s done, I’m not sure if you’re in one of the currently supported regions.

For more details on it all, please go to PSA: Unsupported Region and then click on all links you see. Be sure to read it all, don’t make assumptions.

@Murphmeister Usually that’s correct, but they threw a wrench in things around that notice. Check out:

@Saoiray your’re absolutely right.

Somehow i jumped over the part

@mellem sorry DON’T send a support ticket then :crazy_face:

mea maxima culpa :lying_face:

have a nice one evrybdy

Yeah, I had missed it originally as well but picked up on it when @Chocoholic had pointed it out to someone else. Definitely a bit circle of support where we all notice different things and get info, which helps us to help others. (^_^)

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