Wallet Unlinking Request Not Processed Till Now

15 days ago, I applied for a wallet unlinking request using wallet unlinking form with all the details , even after 15 days I havent received a wallet unlinking confirmation mail.

Last time I got it in 5 days.

Don’t know what to do and when will I receive the email of confirmation.

Kindly look into the issue

@SaltyBanana @Mattches @moderators

Please help🙏

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Samee issue I also submitted the form few days back

@moderators please reply to the query.

They have had many requests and I average wait lately has been over a month. Wallet limit are actually being removed completely, so that room the priority/necessity away.

The coding and all to eliminate is complete and they’ll be adding it on the backend once it clears testing. Should be by the end of the month if all goes well

What is the eta for such an update

I have no issues , but my BATS earned are getting wasted , is there a way to accumalate it and once limit is removed, transfer to custodians?


So will we be able to remove as per our need , or control will still lie in your hands?

We work through these requests as they come in our queue.