You've reached the maximum verified device limit

i get this error Error: Device limit reached

Your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit.

I just changed my windows, and new brave browser…how to fix this, remove other “devices”?

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Usually we’d tell you to do a Wallet Unlink request, but those can take over a month to process. It’s better to wait patiently as they are completely removing the device limit. You can track the status at and then scroll towards the bottom. It’s in testing now and should be released as soon as it passes all tests.

I’m making the assumption we’ll see it at the end of March, but no guarantee on that.


Thanks for the info. I have been waiting for weeks for unlinking process and still no progress.

Yep, well, should be just a couple weeks or less. Always a chance they’ll get you unlinked beforehand if you submitted the request, but I guess I’d just say to keep an eye out with the expectation that you’ll basically be waiting until end of March or beginning of April.

I’m going by the old saying, “expect the worst, hope for the best.” If we think it’s sooner, then we get discouraged or upset when things don’t go right. So always think you’ll be waiting longer that way if things work out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks alot… didnt find any info on google about it. maybe it is now :wink:

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