Wallet unlinking request

I sent a wallet unlinking request over 10 days ago and I have not received a reply. I am posting this topic to voice out my concern. Thank you

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I have also send an unlink request and haven’t received any confirmation nor can I link my other wallet. Is there any timeframe for how long the unlinking takes?

@chuuuch & @tcuencs @SaltyBanana or @steeven should be able to help you out

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Same here !
I haven`t received reply yet

Hi, everyone welcome to Community.

We hear your concerns and we are working to help resolve this matter as timely as possible. There are several requests at the moment and it might take time until each ticket is resolved. We ask for your patience in the matter. We will get to your request soon as possible.

To help speed up the process, please ensure that you send ONE wallet ID that you would like to have unlinked.

(Note: the #support-and-troubleshooting:wallet subcategory for the new Brave Wallet.)