Verified uphold wallet unlink request status

@Mattches @steeven how to know if the verified wallet is unlinked from uphold
I did submit a request on the brave help page with all the required details, but now i am confused how and when will i be notified of the removal of that browser, so that i connect my new browser.

If it is still the same as when I did it, you should receive a reply from a brave member via whatever email you used when you filled out that form.

I have the same issue, I requested it more than 1 week ago, and still nothing. This is the most annoying thing in Brave, first, they set a limit of 4 devices, then a bug gets the count up without even linking anything, and finally, it is impossible to unlink. As a software developer and product owner I see this feature as the weirdest and most unthought thing

There is probably way too many people requesting it now. When I did it, it was still fairly new and only took a day to get a response. However, now there are probably easily thousands requesting it, and if a few of these people do not fill out the details properly, that slows it down even more. Just try and give it time to hopefully get your wallet unlinked.

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