Wallet unable to send

Missing Checksum information? not sure what this means

cannot send anything out of eth mainnet

is anyone from brave going to help?

I have the same problem, have for months. I either get “Error” or “Submitted” depending on if I’m sending to my cold wallet or a Meta Mask. But either way, the eth never transfers.

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is anyone from brave even in this topic…?

can anyone assist eth wallet

@bp241052 I just tried to research a bit. Checksum is referring to the address. So saying your input the information wrong.

At least focusing just on that aspect. Btw, also want to let you know that Brave doesn’t have many people who work on the forums. On top of that, you posted all of this on a Sunday, so many are not working. Just have to be patient and people will help. I’m pretty sure they will need more information as well. I believe the best one to help will be @brian when he comes on.

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@musha01 I know Brian was working with you. I don’t think I’ll have anything helpful to say, but I did come across this info that I figured I’d pass along in case it might contain anything that might assist you, whether with this or anything else in the future.


My bad, kept and provided the wrong link. It seems I lost the link I had. That still might be helpful in the future, but it is what it is. Can’t find link I had, so it is what it is. Anyway…good luck.

if anyone can help still

help anyone from brave?

Unable to send funds out of brave wallet - #10 by brian explains what the checksum means.
It can be ignored, it is a UI only check to warn you that you are sending to an address that can’t be verified by Brave.

It’s not the issue that you are experiencing.

Do your transactions have a transaction hash when it ends in error and when it is submitted?

You’re just trying to send from the Brave interface or a dapp?

I’m going to close this one since it seems like a duplicate of Unable to send funds out of brave wallet - #13 by Saoiray let’s move there.

Just following up with what was found in the other issue:

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