Wallet status: Not connected


I’m facing problems with receiving BAT in my uphold account for the android Brave app. I have received BAT from that browser in past but not anymore. It’s in a sync chain with my computer which works fine but not sure why there are problems with the android app’s wallet. I only get its cuz of the wallet not being connected as per the wallet info. Can you please check and resolve this and make sure the pending BATs reach me?

Brave version: 1.18.77 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (32-bit)

OS: Android 8.1.0; vivo 1811 Build/OPM1.171019.026

Below are the wallet details:

Wallet info

Key info seed: Valid

Wallet payment ID:



Wallet created:: 07/17/2020, 09:30:58 AM

Balance info

Total balance 16.5 BAT

Rewards BAT: 16.5 BAT

Uphold Wallet: 0 BAT

External wallet info

Wallet status: Not connected

Brave Sync doesn’t sync Rewards data. If you want to receive your BAT from Android on your Uphold, you need to connect your Uphold wallet to mobile Rewards wallet too.

Click Rewards triangle icon for the button. Will need to accumulate 25 BAT first.

Are you sure? cuz as I mentioned I remember receiving monthly BAT for android app in my uphold wallet earlier except past two months

You can check the button first @hurrshhh 🤷
If it’s greyed out, then it’s never connected to Uphold.

If it’s connected before, but disconnected, it’ll show “Disconnected” button.

Yess it’s greyed out. Previously when I did the same, I saw “Wallet verified” popup. But then if it was never connected to Uphold, how come I was receiving BATs in Uohold earlier? Strange

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