Android rewards not syncing with Uphold

I finally reached the 25 BAT requirement to sync with Uphold. I logged in and it shows in the browser that it’s synced, however the balance of BAT that’s displayed in Brave doesn’t reflect on Uphold. I figured that maybe I just needed to wait for the BAT to get sent to my wallet, but it never did. I haven’t tried disconnecting and reconnecting my Android wallet because I’m worried I might lose my BAT.

Here’s what it shows in Brave:

Here’s what it shows in Uphold:

I have the same problem

In another post I saw, an Admin was asking to check on your phone with the app if your mobile pass the test…

It appears that you have everything set up correctly. It’s likely that you’re running into an ongoing issue that the team is working hard to resolve:

We apologize for the inconvenience. Note that – assuming this is the issue you’re facing (I do believe it is), you will receive any BAT that was “stuck” this way once a fix is implemented.

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