Wallet Flagged for Irregular Activity?

Can someone please explan to me why my wallet got [Flagged for Irregular Activity]
I have done nothing wrong.I had to reinstall my OS and my wallet would not verify so support reset my wallet ever since then I got no ads mattches looked into this and said my wallet got flagged.Been using brave for over a year and had no problems.

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Are you talking about the brave wallet?
How did You get to know that your wallet got flagged?

@Impoiler Mattches looked into it for me and told me this I did try and ask him for more clarification about it but hes gone quiet on the subject. I dont no what wallet hes on about

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oh, ok
I Don’t know more about this issue but I hope you will get Your wallet normal and start get Ads Again asap

@eeZee Sorry to hear about that. Hope mine isn’t also flagged. Only weird thing I did was copy data folder from Nightly to a fresh Release install.

I was having problems with 1.34 and ads were working fine in Nightly. Seems 1.35 won’t be any better than 1.34 for me.

Btw I installed 1.35 on another PC that never had Brave and got earnings for a homepage ad. No signs of ad notifications though.

They’re clearly understaffed and I’m sure they’re giving the best support they can, honestly wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

Appreciate the tremendous effort these few people are making carrying all these tickets and individual support requests on their shoulders.

@Mattches @steeven I just want to know what Irregular Activity was done on my wallet I was getting ads and getting paid for the ads brave would pay me each month to my uphold wallet thats the only activity for the last year. I think its got to be something to do with support resetting my device limit on the wallet I really dont know or understand.