Wallet disconnected for unsupported region, where are my bats?

Since Brave disconnected my Uphold wallet for unsupported region I lost track of my bats from september and I dont know how to see them, or how can I get them off brave browser. Why we cannot use Brave wallet for this?
I really hope they solved the unsupported region problem soon…

Probably it’s gotta do something with licenses or something. Brave is working on getting this done in Q2 2023.
You should receive rewards in Uphold if it was connected on the 1st of this month. If not then you will get a claim button to claim them in your rewards wallet.
Also if you don’t receive by next week, raise a ticket. Raise one here.

Though getting BAT in Brave wallet will still require you to connect to an external Custodian wallet to move that BAT oit of Brave.

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