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hi Brave community,
I have 3 brave browsers, only one managed to connect to my uphold account. the other two I have an error message : region not supported
How is this possible, knowing that I am in a country supported by uphold and especially why with one I succeeded but not the others.
Thank you



"Region not supported" but is supported - #2 by Saoiray

"Region not supported" but is supported - #3 by Saoiray

Re: Your Brave Browser installation with a Profile that has Brave Rewards Enabled . . . and that can connect to Uphold:

Probably you should not disconnect, nor end, that connection.

Your other Brave Browser instances that CANNOT make the connection to Uphold . . . I am guessing, that is because, your Region is no longer supported by Uphold.

Meaning, an existing connection (that has not been disconnected by you, nor by time, nor by Uphold), will remain connected to Uphold for a while.

Yet, @Saoiray knows all that much better than I. You might ask him, ‘How do I get my BAT at Uphold, back to a Brave Wallet (and, which Brave Wallet to use)?’

@Saoiray has said elsewhere:

BAT will remain within the browser. It should be disconnected from Uphold so your BAT will not go there.

If that works we it should, then you will need to claim the BAT each month in Brave Rewards and you’ll be seen as unverified (Unverified).

Truthfully, there has been errors in these types of incidents in the past where Brave still tries to send to Uphold even though you can’t receive it.

When that happens there will be a delay in your receiving payment and it may be necessary to submit a support ticket so Brave can trace it and unlink your account.

I am hopeful that this will not occur this time, but be advised it can happen.

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